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We are a pentecostal church in the city of Gloucester that seeks to be contemporary and relevant in declaring the message of Christ.  We love worshipping God, we love learning about God and we want to live for God.

Whoever you are and wherever you are from, we welcome you to come and join with us on an amazing journey with God

I was Just Thinking - September 2015

Jesus - The Son of God

I remember when I was younger becoming separated from my mum in a supermarket. Eventually, after a short while I was relieved to the point of ecstasy to see her pushing her trolley at the end of an aisle. So much so that I ran straight for her, jumping in the trolley shouting at the top of my voice “MUM...I’M BACK!” Instead of being embraced as her long lost son, I was given a look of disdain and horror because the lady looking back at me was not my mother, just someone who was wearing the same jacket as her. This was a very embarrassing case of mistaken identity!